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Starter Projects

From $995

We offer a variety of “starter” projects to help you get the vision and momentum you need to get that new thing started.  Whether you are thinking about starting a business, or you need to get your business out of a rut, we can be the catalyst to help you get things going.  Our starter projects move quickly and are priced affordably as a way for you to get the insight and direction you need to get that new thing started.

DREAMplan – The DREAMplan is a starting business plan to help you define the specific business opportunity and the elements needed to get your business started.  We’ll help you define what your business might look like and help you develop an initial business plan to outline your initial products or services, a plan for attracting new customers, an initial set of revenue projections and how much funding you’ll need to start your business.

ACTIONplan – The ACTIONplan is a business execution plan to help you get an important strategic initiative defined and launched.  We will work with you to define your business objectives, outline the resources and investment required and build a plan to launch the effort and make it a success.  We’ll help you get organized and develop a plan of action so you can get that important initiative off the ground.

LIFEplan – Sometimes business gets in the way of our personal life goals.  Our LIFEplan looks at the gap between your personal lifestyle goals and the reality of your business, and helps you chart a course to achieving both your business goals and your personal lifestyle goals. We will work with you to outline your personal lifestyle objectives and develop a strategy to address the issues and obstacles in your way and an action plan to reposition the business so that it can be  more supportive of the lifestyle you’ve envisioned.

Strategic Projects

Pricing based on scope

We can also provide support for a variety of strategic business needs. As you face market changes and business challenges, we can supplement your team by bringing expertise and tactical support to address your specific situation. Because of the level of experience of our team, we can often jump right into a situation and shorten the time to results by bringing valuable expertise to focus on a specific need or business objective.

We often concentrate on strategic initiatives, particularly in areas where a business has not been able make traction, such as:

  • Defining a vision for growing the business (Business Strategy & Strategic Planning)
  • Measuring financial and operational performance (Financial Analysis / Benchmarking)
  • Creating a plan to transition the family business (Succession Planning)
  • Defining product or service offerings (Product Management / Competitive Analysis)
  • Fixing important process or operational issues (Operations Planning & Improvement)

Fractional Leadership (Flex Execs)

Monthly support packages

There has been a growing trend in recent years towards using part-time or fractional executives, particularly among small and medium-sized enterprises.  The appeal of fractional executives lies in their ability to provide specialized skills, strategic guidance, and hands-on support without the overhead costs associated with hiring a full-time executive.

The TURNkey Flex Exec Program™ places experienced professionals as working members of an executive management team (often on a part-time basis) to provide leadership & expertise without the overhead and benefits associated with adding another top-level executive.

Our Flex Exec’s bring a minimum of 20 years of relevant experience, enabling them to step into a specific role and be productive on day one. They may be part-time or full-time, temporary or permanent, or whatever is needed to fill a role quickly or provide leadership in a specific area.

Through our Flex Exec program, we can provide access to a variety of fractional resources, particularly when an expert resource is needed to support an important effort or fill a critical gap in leadership.  Whether you have an urgent issue to resolve or a clear need for an objective or external point of view, we can provide an experienced professional to help your business.

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