About Us

We are only what we do, not who we say we are.

Although the company’s composition has changed quite a bit since its humble beginnings on a barbecue table in 1996, the focus has not. Be good to people. Work hard. Do business with people you like and like you in return. Have fun.  When you do something you like and have passion for it, people notice and want to be a part of it.

For 25 years, TURNkey has been serving the business community by providing exceptional technology and business solutions. As of 2020, a new set of offerings has been put in place, expanding the company’s ability to provide exceptional business solutions.  A Business Consulting Team has been assembled to provide expert guidance helping companies grow their businesses and achieve higher levels of profitability and efficiency.  In addition, the company has also listened to its base by addressing the often complex and confusing digital marketing environment.  With the addition of consulting and marketing arms, TURNkey has a unique position in serving the small business community.

Although IT services are still the cornerstone of the company, TURNkey is so much more than IT.  We are small business champions, committed to helping our customers thrive and drive their businesses forward.  Simply put, TURNkey takes on complicated matters, makes sense of them and provides understandable, effective solutions to its base.  Whether it’s a new network, a specific solution to a nagging business problem or providing a new web presence or making the most of digital marketing dollars, TURNkey is here to help.

The most important thing for TURNkey is its long lasting relationships.  Although customer retention is paramount, employee retention is just as critical.  We like to think of ourselves as a ‘family’ and that’s what our customers describe over the decades of dedication to this marketplace.

Is TURNkey a good fit for your business?  Learn about the TURNkey difference.

About Our Space

Located conveniently in the NW suburbs of Chicago just off major expressways, we can quickly get just about anywhere. The facilities are spectacular and the technology employed is nothing short of cutting edge. We utilize the same technologies that we sell and test everything in our setting before placing it into production.

About Our Founder & CEO, David Kolssak

Mr. Kolssak is continually humbled by the great ideas and direction of the people who make up TURNkey. David is the principal of the company and is responsible for the corporate focus, culture and strategic direction.


In 1992, David Kolssak came home after college and worked in his father’s family business (Kolssak Funeral Home). He learned a lot in the first few months applying what he’d learned and what business was really like. David soon realized that a computer network was necessary for even a small going concern such as this. During the process of installing that network, Mr. Kolssak found a necessity that was not being fulfilled in the business world at that time. This entrepreneur wanted to fill this void and thus began the idea of TURNkey. It was not easy in the beginning trying to convince people to hire a 26 year old kid in 1996 with little experience. But somehow it happened one client at a time. Interestingly, some of those first customers are still with TURNkey today. Although Mr. Kolssak has grown older, his customers will tell you that he is honest, hardworking and clever. Slowly adding customers one by one and always having the notion to do unto others as you would do unto yourself, the company grew. Today, TURNkey has hundreds of small business customers and values every relationship just as the first day the business began.

David likes to cultivate relationships and is very demanding of himself and those who work for him. He is described by his friends as a “hard charger” who likes to work with people he likes and people who like him. David also enjoys working in an environment that is uncommon in the business world. Rather than cold cubes and florescent lighting, the offices are comfortable, “homey”, tasteful and many people use desks that raise up so they can stand.

Mr. Kolssak graduated from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management with a BS in Management. Although much of the education he received doesn’t really apply to everyday life, the quantitative, analytic approach to business has helped his conceptual mind be more practical. David is a proud member of Sigma Chi Fraternity where he learned how to do all of those things mom told you not to. However, it is at this fraternity where he was introduced to the love of his life – Melissa. David likes to say that he got married first and dated Melissa for 10 years until having children. Mr. Kolssak is blessed with his two sons, David II and Chase. His boys also understand the importance of doing your very best while working hard and always being respectful of others.

People who work at TURNkey are treated as part of Mr. Kolssak’s family as there are regular team building activities to foster the growth, compassion and prosperity of the company. His door is always open.

Mr. Kolssak is continually humbled by the great ideas and direction that the people who make up TURNkey. The company has plans to continue growing by introducing other service offerings for the small business market. Mr. Kolssak also continues to find people that are dynamic and on “top of their game(s)”.

The most important thing is to do what you love and love what you do.

Mr. Kolssak does just that.

Let’s start a discussion.  We’d love to learn more about your organization and how we can assist.  Call us at 866-928-8208 or send us your info and we will reach out.