Sample Consulting Projects

Business Consulting Sample Projects and Leadership Assignments

    Sample Projects

    Growth Strategy

    • Situation: Client with 40+ year track record faced declining year-over-year revenue, despite high customer satisfaction
    • The client came to TURNkey to help them turn the revenue in the other direction
    • TURNkey performed an analysis of the market and helped them to differentiate their product offerings and build a focused Ecommerce strategy, helping them reach a wider audience, drive more leads and grow revenue faster
    • TURNkey also partnered with an Ecommerce technology firm to help them rebuild their website, expand their Ecommerce capabilities and implement their new digital marketing strategy
    • Results: TURNkey changed the revenue picture from a 10% decrease to a 20-30% increase, year-over-year

    Ecommerce Assessment

    • Situation: Client with established Ecommerce business did not have the tools or skills to understand what was happening in their sales data
    • The client came to TURNkey to help them analyze their Ecommerce data and identify potential upselling strategies based on their customer behavior
    • TURNkey worked with the client’s Ecommerce team to perform an analysis of their sales data, identifying potential product bundling and upselling opportunities
    • TURNkey also built a dynamic revenue model to estimate the potential impact of each scenario
    • Results: TURNkey identified an upsell strategy that increased average order size and represented an increase in revenue of over $100,000 per month

    Product Repositioning

    • Situation: Client with an established national service business has struggled with flat revenue, despite their investments in marketing, lead generation and SEO.
    • The client approached TURNkey to determine how to reposition the business for healthier growth and stronger/more profitable customer relationships
    • TURNkey performed a business assessment to determine how to leverage the natural strengths of the business and deepen its relationships around a higher value solution set
    • TURNkey also built a strategic roadmap to help the client prioritize its efforts and transition from the current product line to the new product vision.
    • Results: TURNkey developed a solution-based product strategy that increases the price point of their solutions and has the potential to double the business in 3-5 years.

    Leadership Assignments

    Product Manager/General Manager
    1-2 days/week x 10-12 months (New Product Launch)

    • Situation: Client had a vision for an internet-based product line but did not have the time or expertise to launch the new product without help
    • The client asked TURNkey to provide the expertise and leadership to get the business effort started
    • TURNkey provided an experienced general manager to develop the business case, organize the development team and oversee the launch of the first-generation product
    • Results: The TURNkey approach was able to take the business from product vision to market launch in less than 12 months.

    CFO/General Manager
    3-4 days per week x 6-9 months (Profitability Turnaround)

    • Situation: After trying to navigate the challenges and government lockdowns in 2020, this client realized its product costs were not sustainable and they needed to recalibrate its cost structure for the future
    • The client utilized an experienced resource to evaluate its offerings, eliminate the costly product options from its product menu and move the business to a simpler, more profitable product design
    • The TURNkey resource stepped in as a general manager, performing a profitability analysis and implementing a simplified offering menu in a matter of months
    • Results: the client now sees 2x more profit per unit than it did prior to the pandemic.

    COO/Chief of Staff
    8-10 hrs per week x 3-4 months (Program Deployment)

    • Situation: Client had a broad and diverse portfolio of business accounts but did not have a standard approach to managing and developing the accounts over time
    • The client approached TURNkey to help them identify best practices and define a common approach to managing and developing accounts
    • Playing a chief-of-staff role, the TURNkey resource stepped in to bring together a mix of existing tools and new services into a single approach for all enterprise accounts
    • Results: as the new approach is implemented, the client is seeing increased activity and engagement at the strategic level, resulting in increased retention and revenue in the enterprise accounts.