Good Fit?

Is TURNkey IT a good fit for your business?

There is an old adage that size doesn’t matter (ahem…) but small businesses must always think big to get big.

The truth is, any company, regardless of its size or the number of people they employ, will be more successful if its decisions are data driven, its technology is rock solid and its marketing efforts are bringing in new customers.  It almost goes without saying…

is TURNkey IT a good fit for your business?

The TURNkey difference:

  • Uniquely positioned offerings that empower our customers to focus on their businesses while leaving the more complicated heavy lifting to us
  • Leadership team is well educated, experienced, clever and kind
  • We only hire local people with good work ethic and good manners (just like your mother told you)
  • No contract labor is used in our day to day operations
  • We want you to come visit our offices.  Come see our offices, meet our people and experience the culture for yourself
  • Certified IT professionals by Microsoft, HP, Sophos, Barracuda and proud of it (continuing education is never fun but really important)
  • Experienced Consulting Team with experience in Top Tier firms (25+ years)
  • Focused on small business segment so we can bring Fortune 500 methodologies and technologies to our base
  • Delivers onsite and remote support quickly and efficiently
  • Quarterly network report cards so you know exactly what’s going on with your technology
  • Monthly communications that are informative, uniquely created and fun
  • Deliverables that you can count on – reliable solutions that are proven in our core competencies

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