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Alright.  You made it here and it’s time to GO. You want to get your business moving and you know you need to do something differently.

You need perspective, and you need results.

It often takes a new set of eyes to see things with the right perspective. Business owners and entrepreneurs can sometimes too close to be objective, and often have great instincts but miss the details, trends or opportunities in plain sight.

Did you ever hear the idiom “can’t see the forest for the trees?” Are you good at seeing one but not the other?  A good consultant will help you see both. When running a business, you have to see the big picture as well as the details, and then you have to get things done!

That’s where we can help. Our 4-D Business Scan is the fastest and most affordable way to get valuable, objective insights about your business and move your business forward.

What is the 4-D Business Scan?

The 4-D Business Scan is a multi-disciplinary assessment tool that is designed by industry leading consultants and tuned to work with small businesses. We perform a series of interviews and tailor the process to focus on your needs and issues. The process is simple, fast, and focuses on questions like:

  • Where are the opportunities to expand or grow our business?
  • How can we engage our employees and help them be more productive?
  • What can I do to stop fighting fires and focus on what I do best?

Within a week, we can complete the analysis and schedule a video conference to discuss practical recommendations in several areas which will help you address your issues and revitalize your business. For a limited time, the 4-D Business Scan solution is available for just $3500.

What Does the 4-D Business Scan Cover?

Our approach follows a comprehensive, four-dimensional framework to guide our analysis and identify opportunities for growth and profitability. Our consultants focus on specific opportunities in four key capability areas:

  • Infrastructure: work processes, management systems, technology infrastructure, etc.
  • Operations: cost structure, cash flow, business model, pricing, profitability, etc.
  • Strategy: customer experience, product/market fit, pricing, marketing, growth potential, etc.
  • Leadership: mission clarity, workforce management, recruitment & retention, culture, etc.

The Four Primary Dimensions of Business CapabilityBy highlighting areas of strength and weakness in each of the key dimensions, we provide specific opportunities to grow revenue and profitability. The recommendations can lead to improvements 20-30 times the cost of the assessment.

That’s ROI of 20:1 or more…

In fact, when you engage TURNkey for a 4-D Business Scan, you will be credited the entire amount towards any future work you do with us.

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